Endoscopy and mini camera’s

An endoscope is an optical instrument that allows to inspect part of installations that can not be reached under normal conditions. Such as heat exchanger pipes or the wall interior of a building. Nooij-TIS has rigid endoscopes with a maximum length of 3 m. The angle of view can be straight or 90°.

A small CCD camera can be mounted at the eye piece of the endoscope, enabling to follow the inspection on screen or on a laptop. It is also possible to mount a digital camera at the eye piece. The endoscope can be used from -10 till +50 °C.

For high temperature inspections, the endoscope must be protected by a stainless steel protecting probe which is water and air cooled . The water cooled endoscope can be used up to 1250 °C process temperature.

The quality and dimensions of small camera’s did improve greatly in the last couple of years. For this reason we started to use water and air cooled mini camera’s for our inspections. In particular at low light conditions, the mini cams can provide still good quality pictures.

We design and manufacture our own water- and air cooled mini cams for various applications. The latest development is a water and air cooled mini cam with zoom in/out option.

Demo 1

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