Houses and public buildings

The use of an infrared camera to check buldings is becoming an important and easy to use tool. The IR camera makes visible what can not been seen with the human eye.

Because energy saving becomes an more and more important issue, the use of thermography is a powerful method to check the insulating properties of buildings and  search for insulating deficiences.

With an infrared camera, the insulation properties of the wall can be checked easily. Insulation deficiences will result in a warmer outside surface of the wall where in case of proper insulation the wall will have a unifom temperature. Other examples where thermography prooved to be a very useful inspection technique are:

  • air movements (draft from inside to outside )
  • check to proper functioning of cooling and heating ceilings
  • locate heat pipes, central heati or water lines
  • Detect leaking heat pipes or water lines in floors and walls
  • Detect leaks in roofing constructions