Heating up and Cooling down

Nooij TIS has broad experience with cooling down and heating up of large refractory constructions, such as hot blast stoves. We have been involved in more than 60 complete heat up projects. In some cases these were new installations, but in most cases we have cooled down and heated up repaired hot blast stoves, hot blast mains and bustle pipe systems.

Nooij TIS can provide a complete set of heat up equipment including combustion air fans, burners with flame failure sensors, burner control cabinets with stringent safety precautions, all hoses, thermocouples, cables and data recorders. Our personnel is very experienced and work 24hr/7 days per week during the cool down heat up process.

If requested by the client Nooij TIS can suggest a reliable and safe heat up schedule on the basis of the installation to be heated. This includes recommended temperature increase per hour and the corresponding required gas and air flows during the heat up.